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The “I Can’t”s surrounding taking a yoga class

The "I Can't "s Surrounding Taking a Yoga Class

  1. "I can't " afford it

Did you know that your doctor can prescribe yoga as therapy to recover from or avoid surgery?

Talk to your primary care doctor and your insurance company to see if this is an option for you. Your yoga studio can give you a receipt to turn in for flex spending or health savings account. If you are eligible for Medicaid look for a Silver Sneeker’s provider to take classes covered by your insurance.

Have you looked at the money you spend regularly on medication to alleviate aches and pains?

Regular yoga practice can both help you notice bad habits and bad alignment before it causes injury, and create better habits and alignment to prevent future injury.

Are you telling yourself that your physical mental emotional and spiritual well-being aren’t worth spending money on?

We can always find “more important “ things to spend money on. We are taught that it’s selfish to spend on ourselves. I can tell you from personal experience my regular yoga practice boosts my immune system so I’m not missing days of work or family gatherings due to illness. My regular practice serves as an example to those around me that health should be a priority. It gives others “proof of importance”. I am more productive, more creative, more open and loving when I am nurturing myself.

Group private yoga sessions are also a great option. Getting a few of your friends together and splitting the cost of a group session keeps the cost down and the accountability up.

2. "I can't " touch my toes

Touching your toes isn’t a prerequisite of taking a yoga class! The purpose of Asana (yoga poses) is to teach you how to connect and listen to your body in order to safely lengthen muscles. There is always a reason for tight muscles. Learning the “how what and why” when it comes to your body is life changing! For example: Are my hamstrings tight because I don’t have mobility in my pelvis? Are they tight because of habits like poor posture or a dis functional gate? Are they tight or is it my glutes, calves, feet, or low back?

There are so many options for types of yoga classes. Options like Chair Yoga, or Gentle yoga great places to start. There are versions of yoga for every body. Waiting on or avoiding taking a yoga class because you’re not flexible is putting the cart before the horse!

3. "I can't " until I loose a few pounds

Learning to intuitively listen to your body is so important when investing in your health! When you are able to love and feel compassion for yourself you are more motivated to take steps towards weight loss and healthy habits. Any cardiovascular or weight training activities you choose to adapt are fully supported by a regular yoga practice. Knowing how to move your body in proper alignment and isolate/engage specific muscles (especially the core and pelvic floor) will get you the best results possible. It will also help prevent injury from training or heal from strains and sprains. Less down time. Less excuses. Less reasons to give up!

4. "I can't " find the time

Have you heard or read the quote

“We make time for what we feel is really important to us. If we haven’t made time for it it’s because it’s not important enough.”


Instead of saying “I don’t have time” say “it’s not a priority for me right now.”

I think this goes back to the story we tell ourselves about not deserving or being worthy of nurturing or self love. Why isn’t OUR health (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental) a priority?! Really listen to your response to this question.

There are yoga classes specific to your phase of life. Classes to bring your baby or kids or partner to. Baby and me yoga, partner yoga workshops. Classes for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga Classes for athletes. Yoga for athletes clinics. Yoga for pelvic floor awareness. Yoga for the pelvic floor. Classes for your lunch hour. 45 minute flow. Classes early morning before work. Sunrise Vinyasa Classes in the evening after work or after the kids go to bed. Restorative yoga So many options!!!

A yoga practice is an invitation to show up for yourself! I haven’t found another practice that embodies every aspect of health and wellbeing the way yoga does. I still have to do the work when I leave the studio of course. But I leave with a better connection to my mind body breath and spirit every time. That leads to better choices in eating, speaking, acting, loving, engaging, moving, breathing, creating, and living! Just showing up to a yoga class (especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone) deserves a deep bow. When you continue to keep coming back your yoga begins to leak out into your daily life. Eventually it is woven into everything you choose to do.

May this help dissolve some of those reservations you had in your head.

May you realize you deserve self love just as much as those you pour your love into.

May you accept the invitation to show up for yourself on your mat now.

May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you walk through life with ease.



Written by Alissa Marie Newberg

Classes in bold print all offered at

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